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On March 16, 2011, Brent Simmons posted an insightful piece titled A plea for baked weblogs. Therein he made the point that static websites are fast websites. Further discussion by Brent and other writers got me looking for an easy-to-install platform for static blogging.

I was subsequently intrigued by Matt Gemmell’s post on blogging with Octopress.

Finding myself today with some spare time between writing deadlines, I took the time today to install 3 flavors of the Jekyll platform: Jekyll, Jekyll Bootstrap and finally Octopress.

I was able to get all three flavors up and running, and found each successive iteration of Jekyll to be both easier to install and easier to use.

I’ve got Octopress up and running in a local folder on my Macbook Air at the moment, and am going to experiment with it there for a while. If I’m comfortable using it and happy with its performance, I’ll deploy the static files over to http://mikerichardson.org, likely using Rsync .