written by Mike Richardson, 9/27/90
Becket formation

part moves beats  
A1. Star right once (hands across) (8)  
  women chain over to opposite (men drop out at home) (8)  
A2. Women start a right shoulder hey for 4 (16)  
B1. Women cross set to partner (pass right shoulders) (4)  
  Swing partners on the side (12)  
B2. Long lines forward & back (8)  
  Star right once (hands across) — woman following partner, each couple slides up or down the lines to the next couple (8)  


  1. This dance is also a personal favorite of the ones I have written. It flows very smoothly from figure to figure and has the novel star-to-star transition from B2. to A1.

  2. It was pointed out to me that this dance is extremely similar to “Stars of Joy” by Kate Chaitin of San Francisco, California. I agree, and simply plead convergent evolution, because it was not conscious imitation. I think that the star-to-star transition here is a bit smoother and more forgiving than the usual star-to-star as in “Stars of Joy”.