written by Mike Richardson
Becket formation

part moves beats
A1. Hey for 4 across set, women start by passing L shoulder (DONE WITH CORNER, NOT WITH PARTNER! — see notes) (16)
A2. Swing your corner (8)
Long lines forward and back (8)
B1. Women chain straight across (8)
Women dosido once and a half with woman on R diagonal (8)
B2. Balance and swing partner (16)


  1. The hey in A1 is done with your corner (person next to you who is not your partner). You and your corner will hey with a similar couple immediately across from you two, starting with the two women passing L shoulders.
  2. This dance is written for my wife, Chris, for our sixteenth wedding anniversary. The intended story line of the dance is that one has brief and meaningless affairs with others in the set for 48 beats, and then has a “happy ending”, with 16 beats of balancing and swinging with one’s partner.
  3. Bob Dalsemer pointed out to me that one does not exactly play the field a lot in this dance, since you swing the same corner every time. Also, after the “happy ending” in B2, one immediately leaves one’s partner and heads off into someone else’s arms, so I suppose one can only carry these contradancing-as-a-metaphor-for-life things just so far.