written by Mike Richardson, 7/26/99
duple, longways, improper

part moves beats
A1. Women gypsy once around (6)
and swing partners on men’s side (10)
A2. Right hand star (hands across) x 3/4 (8)
Left hand star back x 1 (until partner is across the set) (8)
B1. All promenade single file CCW around the set and turn along) (8)
Promenade back single file to original place (8)
B2. Open ladies chain over (8)
and back (8)


  1. written for my friend Bob Archer, to celebrate his somewhat circuitous way of moving from England to Seattle, which first required a short-lived job in Sydney, Australia, followed by a return to Seattle.
  2. Anita Anderson has written a very nice tune of the same name in honor of the same event.
  3. This contradance is a somewhat modified version of the original dance, which was written in the English style.