written by Mike Richardson
duple, longways, improper

part moves beats
A1. Women advance and retire (to each other) (8)
Men set and turn single (8)
A2. Right hands across once around (8)
Left hands across (back to original place) (8)
B1. All promenade single file CCW around the set and turn alone (8)
Promenade back single file to original place (8)
B2. Ladies open chain over to partner (8)
Ladies open chain back to neighbor (8)


  1. written for my friend Bob Archer, to celebrate his somewhat circuitous way of moving from England to Seattle, which first required a short-lived job in Sydney, Australia, followed by a return to Seattle.
  2. Anita Anderson has written a very nice tune of the same name in honor of the same event.
  3. As we were trying to think of suitable titles for the tune and dance, Bob’s return and his unusual path to Seattle suggested some use of the word “boomerang”.
  4. This dance also works as a 3 couple set dance.
  5. Adam Carlson liked the dance, and asked me for a version that would work as a contra dance.
  6. The chain in B2 is especially nice if done as an open chain (space permitting).
  7. Original dance had R hands across followed by circle R once in A2. I now prefer this version.