written by Mike Richardson
duple minor, longways, Becket

Part Description Beats
A1 Long lines go forward and back 8
  Circle left 8
A2 Slide left one place 2
  Hey for four, Women pass right shoulders to start 14
B1 Women allemande right ¾ to a long wave of Women in the middle, facing partners 4
  Women balance forward and back 4
  Women go forward to partner’s place while the gents step into the center and allemande right ¾ to a long wave, facing partner 4
  Men balance forward and back. 4
B2 Men walk into partners’ arms and swing 16


  1. Written for my wife, Chris Caldwell, for our 25th wedding anniversary.
  2. The name derives from the fact that this is our Silver Anniversary, and boy did it come quickly!
  3. In A2, flow directly into the hey as soon as possible — even as you are sliding to the left.
  4. In B1, the timing is exacting — the men should step forward into their allemande without hesitation, just as the women are stepping out of theirs.
  5. It may be helpful to request a tempo from the band that is not too fast.