written by Mike Richardson, 9/9/03
duple, longways, improper

part moves beats
A1. Long lines forward and back (6)
1’s star right (hands across) with the couple on your own right (8)
A2. 1’s dosido once and a half (8)
1’s start left (hands across) with the couple that was on your own left (8)
B1. 1’s balance and swing (16)
B2. 1’s circle left with original 2’s (8)
all swing neighbors (8)


  1. written in honor of the marriage of two friends (Sande Gillette and Alan Roberts) who are both fiddlers.
  2. In the stars in A1 and A2, the 1’s are not in the same star as their partners.
  3. The stars are somewhat unforgiving, and must be done in a zesty manner so as to not be late for the balance in B1.