written by Mike Richardson
Becket, improper, longways

part moves beats
A1. long lines go forward & back (8)
  left hand star (hands across) with opposite couple (8)
A2. men pass left shoulders in center to start hey for 4 (16)
B1. swing partners at home (16)
B2. ladies chain on left diagonal (8)
  ladies chain straight across (8)


  1. dance starts in Becket formation, but with partners in opposite positions (i.e. man to right of woman). Don’t worry — once it gets going, it feels like just another contra dance. :)

  2. Commissioned for Nick Cuccia by Diana Herbst. After accepting this commission, I proceeded to forget all about it. On the evening I was due to present the dance to Nick and Diana, I spotted them walking into the Lake City Community Center ahead of me and realized that I had totally spaced it out. I therefore spent the next 20 minutes pacing around in the parking lot writing this dance. The dance title is appropriate because I did, indeed, write it in the nick of time.