written by Mike Richardson, 7/4/08
Becket formation

part moves beats
A1. Circle to left once, then couples slide up or down set 1 place with partner (8)
  Forward and back with next couple (8)
A2. Men only dosido (8)
  Women only dosido (8)
B1. Hey for 4 across the set (men start passing L shoulders) (16)
B2. Gypsy partner, then swing (16)


  1. This dance was bought during a camp auction by Ivan Bottlik for his daughter Allegra at the Bay Area Country Dance Society’s Family Dance Camp week in July 2007.
  2. Allegra (also a dance caller) requested a gypsy meltdown, so here it is.
  3. The dance title is an obvious play on words, combining Allegra’s name with the musical instruction allegro non troppo, which means “fast, but not too fast”.
  4. In the A2 dosido, if the women time things just right, they should be able to flow nicely from the dosido right into the subsequent hey.