written by Mike Richardson
7/10/08 contradance
duple, longways, improper

part moves beats
A1. Pass R shoulders with neighbor to start a 3/4 hey across the set (pass L shoulders in center) (16)
A2. Balance and swing partners (on men’s side) (16)
B1. Long lines forward and back (8)
Ladies chain across (to neighbor) (8)
B2. Ladies chain across (to partner) (8)
Circle L x 3/4 (6)
Pull by up and down set to new couple (2)


  1. This dance was bought during a camp auction by Dave Courchaine, a Bay Area guitar player, at the Bay Area Country Dance Society’s Family Dance Camp week in July 2007.
  2. Dave attended Family Camp with his two daughters, his wife and his mom. They were such a great presence at camp that I prevailed on him to dedicate the dance to them, with the name above.