written by Mike Richardson
duple, improper, longways

part moves beats
A1. 1’s dosido lady 2 (8)
  same 3 circle to left (8)
A2. 1’s dosido man 2 (8)
  same 3 circle to left (8)
B1. down hall 4 in line & turn alone (8)
  return & bend the line to a circle (8)
B2. circle L x 3/4 (6)
  swing partners (10)


  1. At the end of the circle in A1, leave woman 2 in her home position where she first lined up for the dance.  Once the dance begins, she will end each cycle of the dance across the set, but should be returned to this “home” position at the end of each A1.

  2. End the swing in B2 facing diagonally to the left to new neighbors.

  3. This is a variant of Thunder Hornpipe (author unknown) which lets everyone have a swing. In the original dance, B2 consists of a circle left once around, followed by only the 1’s swinging their partners (after which they face down, ready to dance with new neighbors).