written by Mike Richardson, 8/13/13
duple, improper, longways

part moves beats
A1. Do si do neighbors (8)
  Men do si do — once and a tiny bit more (8)
A2. Men pass right shoulders in center to start 3/4 hey for 4 across set (12)
  Gyspy partner left shoulder x 1/2 (on mens’ original side) (4)
B1. Balance & swing partners (16)
B2. Long lines forward & back (8)
  Circle left x 3/4 (6)
  Pull by up & down set to progress to new neighbors (2)


  1. Commissioned for Nick Cuccia by his wife, Andrea Hall-Cuccia.

  2. The name refers to the fact that I have written a previous dance for Nick, called “In the Nick of Time”.

  3. While the men are dosido-ing in B2, the women can make the transition into the A2 hey easier by moving slightly up or down the set while bulging out at the sides.