written by Mike Richardson
duple, longways, improper

part moves beats
A1. Gypsy neighbor 1 and 1/2 8
  Men start 1/2 hey, passing L shoulders 8
A2. Balance & swing neighbor on sides of set 16
B1. Circle left x 3/4 6
  All swing partners on sides of set 10
B2. Pass through to an ocean wave 4
  Balance the wave (forward & back) 4
  Women turn by L x 1/2 4
  Balance the wave (forward & back) 4


  1. written for my friends Brad Reynolds and Valerie Cohen for their awesome wedding, which occurred September 12, 2015.
  2. In B2, women take L hands and turn about 1/4 to form the wave.
  3. Beginning position of wave: men on outside, facing in direction of progression; women on inside, facing away from direction of progression; everyone has right hands with their partners.
  4. The gypsy 1 and 1/2 in A1 is fairly zesty. A crowd of newcomers might have trouble doing the gypsy and the half hey in 16 beats. For such groups, an easy fix is to change A1 slightly: gypsy just once, and have the women start the half hey.