written by Mike Richardson
duple, improper, longways

part moves beats
A1. Long lines forward & back (8)
  Women start ½ hey across the set (pass L sh to start) to long waves on sides (women facing in) (8)
A2. Balance forward & back (4)
  Women dosido x 1 & ½ (12)
B1. Balance and swing partners (16)
B2. Circle left x 1 & ¼ (10)
  Swing neighbors on side (6)


  1. This dance was written for Seattle’s own Julia D — Julia Derby. Her only request was to “Write a dance that fits the fiddle tune: Julia Delaney.” Although she didn’t explicitly say so, I suspect she was also hoping for a dance that doesn’t suck. I believe that this dance fulfills both of those requirements.
  2. In the long waves at the end of A1, the women are facing in and the men are facing out. One should have one’s neighbor in one’s right hand.